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Thermage CPT™ Now Offered in Anchorage, AK


New Procedure Designed to Enhance Results and Improve Patient Comfort for a More Effective Skin Tightening Treatment

Now is an exciting time to be involved in the beauty and skincare world. Medical science continues to make new discoveries every day about how to maintain and improve physical health and appearance. One new treatment that is revolutionizing the beauty world is Thermage. Rather than just an incremental improvement of already existing procedures, Thermage represents a technological breakthrough that will change the way we think about aging.

Alaska Dermatology and Laser Center is now offering the Thermage CPT™ system, a new, more comfortable, non-invasive procedure to help smooth, tighten, and contour skin in a single treatment without surgery, injections and little to no downtime. Alaska Dermatology and Laser Center is currently the only facility in Alaska to offer this innovative procedure. Dr. Michael Cusack and Medical Estheticians’ use the latest and most advanced technologies in non-invasive procedures for his patients.

“Patients are always looking for new ways to achieve skin tightening and body contouring without the risks of going under the knife,” said Kim Tolan, Medical Esthetician, “With the new Thermage CPT system, this is not just an incremental improvement. It is step change in non-surgical anti-aging technology, allowing me to achieve better patient results in less time and with more comfort than ever before.”

Here at the Alaska Dermatology Laser & Skin Cancer Center, we are currently accepting new patients. For more information on payments and accepted insurance, visit our billing page.

A New Paradigm

Traditionally, surgical procedures have been the first choice for people looking to regain their youthful looks as they get older. Thermage, however, is a completely non-invasive treatment that requires no cutting or surgery whatsoever. That means no long recovery, as well as none of the risks associated with going under the knife.

Aging and Youth

To understand how Thermage tightens skin and improves appearance, it is important to understand what causes the aging process in the first place. The structure of our skin and tissue is held together by collagen, a protein produced by our bodies that provides the smooth, resilient skin that we associate with youth and beauty. As we grow older, this collagen starts to break down, and our bodies become less capable of replacing and rebuilding it. This leads to the many physical symptoms of aging, like sagging, wrinkles, and lines.

The secret to regaining the young look people are searching for, then, is to help the body to repair and regrow the collagen that skin needs. Thermage is designed to do exactly that. It jumpstarts the body’s natural healing and regenerative processes to help them return the skin to its previous firm, tight appearance.

Breakthrough Science

Thermage relies on a revolutionary system of radio frequency (RF) heat energy that penetrates the surface layers of skin to target the deep collagen tissue. This RF energy is combined with a surface level cooling process, ensuring that the outer layers of skin are protected, and that comfort is maintained throughout the procedure. The RF heat energy is what provides the breakthrough effect on skin.

The body responds to the influx of energy by reshaping the existing collagen that has become saggy and weak, firming and strengthening it. The energy also stimulates the production of new collagen, creating a lasting change that is unmatched by any other procedure. Thermage also incorporates gentle vibrating pulses throughout the treatment, which increases patient comfort and helps to encourage the body’s natural regeneration response.

Alaska Dermatology Laser & Skin Cancer Center Provides a Whole New Look

Thermage is perfect for:


  • Sagging skin
  • Loose jowls or lack of definition in jaw line
  • Sagging skin under the chin (“turkey neck”)
  • Wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, eyes or forehead
  • Lack of definition in lips


  • Tired looking eyes
  • Excess skin on the upper eyelid (also known as “hooding”)
  • Crepey texture of eyelids, making it hard to apply eye shadow or eye liner
  • Wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes (“crow’s feet”)


  • Wrinkled, crepey or sagging skin on the tummy, knees, arms, legs, hands or buttocks
  • Sagging skin or unwanted bulges after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Love handles
  • Appearance of cellulite

Dr. Michael Cusack Says the Future is Here

One day, science may unlock the secrets of aging, allowing us to prevent any signs of getting older in the first place. In the meantime, Thermage is making it possible to reverse many physical effects of the aging process, offering a youthful look at any age. As a non-invasive procedure, it is ideal for anyone looking to restore their skin to its former glory and live their lives on their own terms.

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