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Eczema Treatment Offered by Dr. Michael Cusack

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a common medical condition that is characterized by a localized inflammation, or itching of the skin and is often accompanied by red splotches. While several different types of eczema are quite common and can affect any person, the most commonly identified kind is known as Atopic Dermatitis (AD). Usually, when a person mentions eczema, they are referring to AD, which means an itch that develops into a rash. Atopic simply denotes a hereditary allergy, and dermatitis is medically defined as a skin inflammation.

Living with eczema can make a person’s daily activities uncomfortable and challenging, and lots of people notice an increase in their stress levels. With intense and frequent itching, people often find themselves taking days off work or school, and many eventually make lifestyle changes to avoid social activities, like going to the beach or working out in the gym. In addition, some patients who suffer with eczema find themselves wearing certain clothes that cover up their skin.

Dr. M. Cusack and his dermatological team specialize in eczema treatments for all types of patients. We will help you understand your skin condition and how to take care of it.

How Common is Eczema?

Because eczema is usually referred to as a chronic condition, it affects lots of people. Estimates suggest that eczema affects nearly 35 million Americans on a regular basis. Seventy percent of eczema cases start in young children who are less than five years old, and many of these victims go on to suffer with eczema their entire lives. For more reference on young cases, The National Eczema Association offers an informative webpage, Eczema from a Child’s Point of View.

Signs & Symptoms

Eczema comes in a wide variety of different forms and the skin condition can vary from mild to intense. In some conditions, sufferers may notice that they have patches of skin that are slightly itchy, rashy and dry. In the most severe cases, entire areas can become irritated, and a person may notice that their sin is cracking and oozing. The disease usually has intermittent flare ups that are accompanied by later remissions. Read more about eczema symptoms in WebMD.


While some people may not experience any type of trigger, others may notice that their eczema gets noticeably worse depending on their lifestyle habits. Certain times, stress levels can bring on an eczema flare up, and other times, the condition can worsen when the skin is exposed to certain fabrics and tight-fitting clothes. Temperature can also impact eczema, and many people realize that extremely hot or cold water can make their itching worse.

Eczema Treatment Options in Anchorage, AK

Because eczema is a chronic condition, and there is no cure per se, most people who find themselves diagnosed learn how to manage their skin for the best results. This includes embracing a comprehensive approach that takes care of the skin and works to keep it healthy on a daily basis. For this reason, proper bathing and moisturizing are essential because the water hydrates the skin and keeps it from drying up and cracking away. With specially made moisturizers, there is also a chance to improve the skin’s ability to breathe and enable the individual cells a chance to fight eczema flare ups on their own. Schedule a consultation today and talk to your dermatologist about a treatment option right for you.



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